Hans Kammerlander

He has been on thirteen 8000 m peaks and was the first person to ski down Mount Everest – 8.848 m high!
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date of birth: 06.12.1956 ★
Place of birth: Ahornach
domicile: Ahornach
profession: certified Ski instructor and ski guide

General history

Hans was the youngest of 6 children, born into a family of mountain farmers in Ahornbach where he still lives. At eight he climbed his first mountain, the „Großen Moosstock“ 3.059 m high. This signified the start to a lot more Alpine activities. At sixteen Hans started to work on various building sites in South Tirol and joined the „Ahornacher mountain sprint“ club. As a memeber, he participated in competitions for 6 years. At eighteen he started his training to become a ski instructor and ski-guide and that’s where he met his later climbing partners Hanspeter Eisendle and Friedl Mutschlechner. In 1977 he passed the exams and got his diploma to qualify as certified Ski instructor and ski-guide. Hans made a lot of climbing tours in the Alps, among them 50 first ascents as well as 60 free solos. Hans Kammerlander who has been director of the „Alpine school South Tirol“ for many years, became famous because he climbed 13 of the fourteen 8000 m peaks, seven of them together with Reinhold Messner. He also met the Dalei Lama twice.

Achievements 8000+ m peaks

Gasherbrum – double traversing: in 1984 Hans Kammerlander, together with Reinhold Messner, made the first – and up to now – the only double traversing of Gasherbrum II and Hidden Peak . Nanaga Parbat: in 1990 Hans Kammerlander climbed the 8.125 m peak together with his Swiss collegue Diego Wellig and Hans skied from the top down to the base camp. It was the first downhill skiing from an 8000 m peak and over a steep face. 24th of May 1992: Hans Kammerlander set a record time to reach the peak of Mount Everest, a record which held 10 years. Snow conditions were not optimal, therefore, Hans had to interrupt the descent on skis several times and climb down rock slabs and –steps.

Kammerlander climbed the following 8 000 m peaks:
·Mount Everest - Lhotse - Makalu - Cho Oyu - Dhaulagiri - Annapurna - Broad Peak - Gasherbrum - Shishapangma - K2 - Kangchendzönga - Nanga Parbat - Hidden Peak

The Seven Second Summits
Hans Kammerlander’s last project (2009-2012) was the ascent of the Seven Second Summits, i.e. the ascent of the mountains with the second highest peaks of a continent. These summits are said to be technically more difficult and demanding than the Seven Summits. Hans Kammerlander’s motivation for this project: “The highest peaks of all continents are catalogue mountains, they are all too crowded. The populace at the bottom is not as aboriginal and intact anymore, as it has been formerly. The second-highest mountains are often quite lonely and one can experience people and everything around the mountains better and more beautifully.” Hans Kammerlander has successfully terminated this project by the ascent of the last mountain of this series, the Mount Tyree on 3rd of January 2012. KOMPERDELL congratulates and wishes Hans much luck and success for the future.