Hochzwei Media



name: Marlies Czerny
date of birth: 08.11.1986 ★
nationality / domicile: Österreich / KI-825 DS (unser Wohnmobil ;-))
Interests/Hobbies: Experiencing the mountain at all kinds (rock and ice climbing, paragliding, ski touring), reading and telling good stories, good and healthy cooking after an extensive tour.
Why Komperdell: Komperdell we can rely on! - whether on the glacier, in deep snow or in steep firn flanks. Even as a sports journalist, I was fascinated by the precision with which Komperdell equipped the world's best skiers and helped them to achieve the necessary hundredths of a second - and still remained a company producing in austria. What particularly excites us is the closeness to our homeland - we simply like the Upper Austrians. :-)

name: Andreas Lattner
date of birth: 06.10.1964★
nationality / domicile: Österreich / KI-825 DS (unser Wohnmobil ;-))
Interests/Hobbies: Enjoying the unbelievably many and very different possibilities we have on the mountain. One time my heart beats for difficult climbing tours, the other time for a quiet flight into the sunrise after a bivouac night on the mountain. Once I find my adventures at home in the Alps and sometimes an expedition appeals to me. I like to capture all this in pictures, which I then put into exciting stories together with Marlies. But sometimes a cup of coffee in front of the bus is the best thing :-)
Why Komperdell: First of all, really good and reliable poles. Second: They come from Upper Austria, too. When climbing, hike & fly, on long alpine tours and on expeditions - you can rely on the poles.

Marlies Czerny:

has climbed all 82 four-thousand-metre peaks in the Alps, some with skis and paragliders, as the first woman in Austria. But she had only started hiking at the age of 21 - when she had to cut down on her holidays in her job as a journalist. Her heart began to beat ever more intensely for the mountains - and the balance became her new purpose in life. Today she is a self-employed alpine journalist, she wrote the book 4000ERLEBEN and gives lectures together with her rope and life partner Andi. She hopes that this will encourage others to find their way - and to go with passion and try key positions. Together with Andi, Marlies also went on expeditions to Nepal and Pakistan. But it doesn't always have to be higher, further, faster: Just as much they love tours in the Alps, which they can start right outside the door of their motorhome - and where, in addition to the Komperdell poles, they also have their skis, a rope and their umbrella with them.

Andreas Lattner:

has had a firm grip on rock since his youth and feels in his element even in the air. The 35-year-old focuses on photography, video and graphic design. For five years Andi and Marlies have been forming a roped party not only on the mountain but also in the valley. Together they run the website www.hochzwei.media and the most beautiful form of storytelling: live reports. During the lectures Andi also proves his versatile hand with the guitar. The two had their base camp in Upper Austria for a long time. Since July 2019, they have been living full-time in a camper van and prefer to travel in remote valleys of the Alps - and beyond.