Zipser Max

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Nickname Goffi
Birth Date/Zodiac Sign: 31.10.1984/ Scorpio ★
Domicile: Innsbruck

Replies- Visions

    • When did you start Snowboarding? 1996
    • Since when are you equipped by KOMPERDELL? Again since 2012 (I have already been member of the KOMPERDELL TEAM from 2005-2009).
    • What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL? One of the best Austrian mountain sports companies – top protectors, light poles and attractive style.
    • What are your favourite tricks with Snowboarding and what would you still like to carry out? Steep rocky slopes and long lines. I would very much like to fly upwards, hahaha!
    • What ski regions/tours/places do you like most? the Alps, endless playground
    • What were your most important achievements? numerous steep flancs in the Alps (Pallavicini Rinne, Großglockner, Jäger Couloir; Chamonix etc.) 3. FWT Verbier Extreme, 2. FWT Courmayeur; 2. FWT Fieberbrunn, 2. FWT Chamonix... 3. FWT Overall 2009; 1. Engadin snow Invitational 2008, 1.Weisser Rausch...
    • What is most fascinating at Snowboarding? The speed and the lightness you have for gliding down steep slopes in powder, the jumping over rocks, face shoots, simply cool.
    • What sport would you do if there was no snow? still more surfing, cycling and climbing
    • What does your bone fracture status look like? could be better, training and good protectors help to avoid further injuries
    • What other injuries were caused by Snowboarding? medial malleolus, wrist joint Vertebra and heel bone
    • Did you already have an extraordinary experience with a KOMPERDELL back protector? At my crash at the FWT event in Chamonix my CROSS Protector saved me from severe injury. Two days later at the next contest I reached the second place.
    • What are the 3 things you would take along to a lonesome island? my girl friend, surf board; my hammock
    • What of are you afraid the most? avalanches and injuries
    • What do you always pack into your backpack for your tours in the mountains? shovel, probe, first aid equipment, airbag and a snack
    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? if everything remains as it is now, it would be great
    • Favourite film? “Time for the whiteroom”
    • Favourite song? changes all the time
    • Favourite meal? cheese dumpling soup
    • What is your motto? the faster you go, the quicker you learn
    • What targets/plans do you have for the future? Podium at a World tour, new steep lines and reach again more than 100 snow days.