Martin Hesse

Martin Hesse
© Martin Hesser, Jessica Haupt


Nickname: Martini
Birth Date/Zodiac Sign: 8.11.1978 ★
Domicile: Kitzbühel

Replies- Visions

    • When did you start Freeriding? Since when are you skiing? I hardly could run, my parents put me on skis. Already then I had to work myself through deep snow on the hill in front of our house. In high-school I used every free minute to go skiing in deep powder on Sugarloaf Mountain and in Sunday River. I really started Freeriding in the avalanche season 1998-1999. A whole season nearly each week Powder, there is nothing cooler. Of course I became an addict, spent some season in France, living in my VW-bus and participated for the first time at Big Mountain Contests.
    • Since when are you equipped by KOMPERDELL? Since 2007
    • What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL? The best protectors on the market, damn stable ski poles and due to the quick-lock the handiest telescopic poles for dsummer- and winter tours.
    • What are your favourite tricks with Freeriding and what would you still like to carry out? To depart full speed ahead of the slope police in South Tyrol. What I would like do, is to collect more experience in high mountain climbing, in order to be able to ski on the highest mountains of the world.
    • What ski regions/tours/places do you like most? Ski regions: At home in the Kitzbühel Alps there are many very underestimated Spots with much potential like Westendorf and the Alpbach Valley. In Austria I like very much the Dachstein region. Otherwise in the Alps Les Diablerets is great class, as there is nearly nobody, and in the 3 Vallées
      the varieties are endless. In Canada “my favourite spot” is Revelstoke surrounded by the Selkirk and Monashee mountains and in the USA the tiny mining town Silverton, where the Wild West still is living. TOURS: of course, ski tours in Iceland with descents are always going down to the beach.
    • What are your most important achievements? Success is perhaps the wrong word, It is rather luckiness: I have survived an avalanche. Compared to this good luck which has given me a second life, all other achievements and contest results have become a minor matter for me.
    • What is most fascinating at Freeriding? Nature, to be outside, the experiences with friends, continuous new challenge, the interaction of body and soul……..
    • What sport would you do if there was no snow? Dune skiing, climbing & mountaineering
    • What does your bone fracture status look like? Broken nose and jawbone, several face fractures
    • What other injuries were caused by Freeriding? a head-brain-trauma. Otherwise surprisingly little. Two span shoe-edge bruises have been very stressful during two seasons. Ibuprophen helps for some hours, however is no lasting solution and skiing is not funny anymore.
    • Did you already have an extraordinary experience with a KOMPERDELL back protector? At my bad luck with the avalanche I wore a Komperdell back protector and in addition a backpack with back protector. My back remained totally intact, although I have been swept along  for 150 m and have been thrown downwards some rocks.
    • Have you got an idol – if yes – who is your idol? Not really, rather discoverers and adventurers like Ronald Amundsen and Ernest Shakleton.
    • What are the 3 things you would take along to a lonesome island? My ski outfit, after all some lonesome islands also have high mountains
    • What of are you afraid the most? Ice avalanches you cannot foresee. And of course to loose more friends in the mountains.
    • What do you always pack into your backpack for your tours in the mountains? Probe and shovel, compass, maps, first aid kit, a little wire for emergency repairs, camera, food and drinks, an extra shirt
    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Wow, a difficult question. In any case somewhere in the mountains. Maybe in the North of Myanmar, in the foothills of the Himalaya.
    • Favourite film? Walk the Line
    • Favourite song? The swine Smirnov
    • Favourite meal? All kinds of Pasta
    • What is your motto? Freeride is my addiction, powder my drug
    • What targets/plans do you have for the future? Firstly to recover completely from the consequences of my accident and to remain as healthy as possible. Then in any case skiing and mountaineering with friends a Lonely, thrilling places.