Extremely light nordic pole made of carbon - competition proven
Sizes: individually adapted
140 / 150 / 160 / 170 / 180 cm
Features: especially nonslip Nordic 2K cork crip
Click-in strap 2.0
carbon, Ø 16 mm
weight 80 grams / 1500 mm / bending 15 mm
Nordic track UL basket
tungesten/carbide tip
art. # 520 23 11-10
The lightest, stiffest carbonpoles for maximum speed.
BIATHLON STRAP - sold separately
Here you can calculate online the perfect length for Skating / Racing Nordic Poles. The rule of thumb is: 90% from your height. Attention: poles which have the wrong length can lead to muscle tensions.

Select your height:
Height in cm:
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The Brand

We have come a long way from the hazel-nut and bamboo pole of the 30-ies, to the light and breakproof carbon tube of today. Ever since the foundation of the company, more than 80 years ago, 100% of all KOMPERDELL poles have been produced in Austria in order to secure top quality and consistency.